Template Design

You will want to look at the template clubs. A lot of them even offer free templates, but the best are the commercial templates. You can purchase a subscription to a club and get a taste of what they offer, with various types of membership available. These are available not only for Joomla, but Muse template clubs exist too.

What is Muse? An Adobe product. Need I say more?

A lot of times I hear "I don't want my site to look like everyone else's by using a template!" A template is what Joomla uses, that's the framework of Joomla by definition. It's what is done with that template that makes it uniquely yours by modifying the CSS style sheets. Most club templates have an easy version tool to modify CSS settings to customize a site.

PatVB.com can offer a template of your choice from a number of different club sites, and you can choose the style that best conveys your site, all included in the design fee. Color choices can be altered, and images of your choosing will customize the site just for you. New templates come out every month with the latest bells and whistles.

Don't go into "template overload." Contact PatVB for suggestions for your business website.