Naming Your Domain

There are a few simple rules to consider when choosing a name for your site. It should be:

  • Keep it short and simple if at all possible.  Try typing a long domain name, and then about how your visitors will feel about it.
  • Easy to remember, spell and pronounce.
  • Use keywords but be aware of the stigma.
  • Make it intuitive.
  • Don't infringe on trademarks, like ToysRUs.  This particular company will search the internet for domains using this, and threaten you with a lawsuit if you don't cease using it.  I know!  It happened to me!  This Chinese company had much deeper pockets than I did, so I had to find another domain name.  
  • If you can't get a certain domain, try modifying it with words like verbs or descriptors.

If you meet all of these requirements, the viewers will be able to find you easier. If it is a word that's often misspelled, consider getting that domain name as well, and put a forward on it to the real domain name.

Keywords in the domain name are good, but not essential. My site name is "", but I rank in the search engines for a lot of other key words. While the search engines give more weight to a ".com" site, it is not essential. You may want to acquire the *.net and *.org domain names to prevent someone "stealing" some of your thunder.

Be careful where you go to check on the availability of a domain. Some websites will put a lock on the domain name after you check on it so you are forced to get the domain from there or wait several weeks until the domain name is released. This could mean a higher cost.

You can even choose hosting accounts where the domain name registration is included in the price of the hosting fee. Be forewarned of big offers for multiple domains at a greatly reduced price, only to find out when they are up for renewal the price has skyrocketed.