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We were needing a website that would be a very complete source of information not only for people looking to learn about our member businesses, but also about our community. We focus our efforts towards Economic and Community Development here at the Chamber in a big way, as our office handles a considerable portion of the County's ECD workload. Our site was tailored to this purpose in no small part from Pat's experience as a Chamber Executive. Pat not only has the experiance working in this arena, but she is open to new ideas, constantly updating her skills and learning from experts in the area of Web Development as well as Economic and Community Development. We also went to a new system when we changed websites that integrates the website, our records, and member and community information in a whole new way. This web-based software solution, ChamberMaster, is not something Pat has used in the past and therefore not something she was familiar with. Pat jumped right in, working with the people at ChamberMaster and giving us a beautiful website that meets and exceeds all of our expectations, getting every ounce of functionality we wanted from the combination of ChamberMaster software and the Joomla CMS. Finally,and most importantly, she was able to sit down with me and explain how to keep my site updated, how to get the most out of SEO, and teach me more about using Joomla in a few short sessions than I had learned from others in much longer period. She understands how to talk to her clients in a way that they are able to understand, making the prospect of taking over our website and keeping it running smooth nowhere nearly as daunting as it had been in the past for me. She has made us a site that has gotten us high praise from everyone who has visited, and we will be entering it in future ECD competitions. I'll let you know when we win! Thanks Pat!

Matt Votaw
Executive Director