How do I add my website to Google Maps?

Adding your site can be extremely useful to help your site come up on Google searches.   This is in addition to adding your site to Google at   Most firms don't know that they can have their name, address, website and other specifics listed in Google, in a way that will make their business and its website come up more easily.

This will take a minute or less, it's free, and can be as productive as all the work you can do on Search Engine Optimization, that can take hours or hundreds of dollars.

  1. Go to Google Maps, and in the lower left portion of the page, click on Add or Edit your business.
  2. Click Add a new listing.
  3. Fill out the information, including website address. You can list your areas of specialization, office hours and a brief description of your practice.
  4. You will be asked for confirmation, by telephone or by mail. Include a contact who will know why Google is calling your office.

With this simple step, when people search an area for a given business, it is more likely that your name, address and website will come up on the Google search.   It will take Google a week or two to add your particulars to their listings.