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Perry County Tennessee Perry County Tennessee promotes tourism for the County, is an advocate for businesses in the County, and hopes you will come to see what we have to offer.  There are a lot of things to do and see for everyone.  Call Matt Votaw, the Executive Director of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce, at (931) 589-2453 to request a copy of the County business directory which lists all the business members of the Chamber of Commerce, points of interest, things to do, and business resources available to our local businesses.
Elective Cesarean Elective Cesarean is a site dedicated to the research on this controversial subject.
City of Clifton, Tennessee The City of Clifton, Tennessee, highlights this community on the Tennessee River.  
Hohenwald-Lewis County Chamber Hohenwald-Lewis County Chamber of Commerce manages their site on a daily basis, to update memberships, events, and news about the community.
Creative Corrections Creative Corrections is a consulting firm specializing in correctonal institution management.
Castle Bay POA Castle Bay Property Owners Association of Hampstead, N.C. wanted a site the public could see, but only members would be allowed access to the private information. 
South Central Tennessee Tourism Assoc. South Central Tennessee Tourism Association promotes the 13 counties in the southern portion of the middle of the state.  There are a lot of things to do and see for everyone.  Call Rene Lance, the Director, at (931) 993-3286 to request a copy of the travel brochure which lists all the hotels, motels, restaurants, shopping and points of interest.
Memory Junction Antiques Memory Junction Antiques offers a wide variety of antiques and collectibles in their store in Hohenwald, Tennessee.  You will see current offerings from their store on the website, and they welcome inquiries by email or phone if you see something you are interested in.
Recycling Marketing Cooperative Recycling Marketing Cooperative promotes recycling in the state of Tennessee, expanding soon to surrounding states.  This site allows buyers and sellers of recycled materials to bid and auction their materials.
Web Clinician Web Clinician is a learning center for medical continuing education.  Online courses are offered, as well as on-site training sessions in various medical fields.
KEG Animal Rescue KEG Animal Rescue is dedicated to adoption and rescue of dogs, and supports legslation in support of prevention of cruelty to animals.  View their website to see the good work they are doing in West Tennessee.

PatVB Web Designs, Joomla Website Designer

The Perfect Website Solution

Need a website you can edit yourself? Tired of waiting on the web designer to get some time to make the changes you want on your site? Then Joomla! is the perfect answer to your prayers. No need to purchase special software, just go to your website online, log in with administrator privileges, and you can add, edit or delete content at your own pace, even upload images, all through Joomla, the most powerful Open Source Content Management System on the planet.

PatVB Web Designs can set up your own shopping cart you manage from your end very economically using Virtuemart on a Joomla site, all open source software. Training your staff can be arranged and built in to the web design fees. Our support doesn't stop there. Once the website is built, the hard work really begins, getting your website moved up in the search engines so it isn't just a buoy in the middle of a big ocean. After all, you want sales! Use your own credit card merchant account? No problem, placing your own SSL on the website ensures your visitors credit information is on a safe and secure server, away from prying eyes, and easy for you to manage your sales online. Zencart and Joomla are both open source software packages which are free to use, and come with many third party add ons to give your site exactly the functionality you need.

Pat's experience as the Executive Director of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce has given her a lot of experience she draws upon when working with other Chambers.  Be sure to call her to discuss special rates.  She understands the focus a Chamber website needs to take and can make recommendations for ways to generate additional income from the website.

Cost normally ranges from $1,000 and upwards, depending on the options you choose, styling and custom design work.   And your site can be up and ready for the public within two weeks from the time all graphics and text are provided that you want to use on your site.   Economical web hosting and domain name registration can be arranged for you. Contact Pat for a quote for your new or updated website!

Please come visit some of our web designs which are currently running on the internet:

  • City of Clifton, Tennessee, is situated on the Tennessee River.  Their website offers an abundance of history, current events, and information about the businesses in their city limits.

  • City of Hohenwald, Tennessee, located in Lewis County, wanted a website that would serve its residents and make information available online that residents and visitors commonly looked for.  
  • Perry County, Tennessee, is the official website for the Chamber of Commerce and features information about tourism, as well as economic development for the county.  The website is now being managed by the Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Matt Votaw.

  • Middle TN Development Alliance is a website for three counties supported by a State program to aid economic development in their region.  It was a collaboration of the three counties, as well as various state agencies who contributed various input and support.

  • Lost Creek Boat Dock in Decatur County is full of information about their boat dock and general store, listing great info for its patrons and the folks living in the marina area.

  • Recycling Marketing Cooperative of Tennessee needed a website with a secure backend for buyers and sellers of recyclable materials.  And they needed it in a hurry.  This was unveiled in Gatlinburg at the annual recyclers convention.

  • is a site for a HAM radio operator -- my husband!  Now if I can teach this man how to Joomla!, I promise you it is do-able.

  • Magic of Michael Clayton is the professional site for a magician from Memphis.  He is learning how to run the site himself, making changes to the menu, articles and images.

  • Midsouth Chemical & Equipment
    based in West Tennessee, provides superior service through increased service visits and superior communication.

  • Zemer Engineering LLC
    Zemer Engineering has expanded to include metal fabrication using a laser machine to create metal designs using templates you can choose yourself.  It is also possible to fabricate "one of a kind" items needed in managing prototype metal pieces.

  • Todd Millar has two websites, and, both of which feature the best coffee without a doubt we have ever drunk.  The coffee is wood roasted in a Turkish method of bean roasting -- well worth investigating if you are a true coffee lover!  Both are Joomla websites, using Virtuemart as a shopping cart.  We have shared a long history together now, and I am hooked on his coffee.  Since he maintains his own websites now, he has come to rely on PatVB Web Design when there is a problem.

  • WebClinician is about to make its debut in the medical online courses available in several disciplines, such as AcuInjection.  Online courses allow the reader to download study materials, take the course within a stated time, pay online, and even print their own certificate for the credits to maintain certain licenses. 

  • Adventure Divers of Spain are located within a wonderful resort in Spain, on the Mediterranean coast.  The beauty of this website is you can view the courses they have online and decide what it is you want to do once you are there.  The site is very interactive, with videos and photo galleries of the wonders of the sea.
  • Perry County Arts Commission provides venues for the various arts such as Visual, Theater, and Literature in Perry County, Tennessee. This website shows that upcoming events for the season 2009-2010. Not only can you see the event listings, but you can also register or R.S.V.P. an event on the website.

  • South Central Tennessee Tourism Assocation covers tourism efforts of the 13 southern middle Tennessee counties. There are interactive maps to locate the types of attractions you are looking for, as well as a calendar of events. There is always something happening!

  • Port-o-Call Marina in Naples Florida is a beautiful, intimate marina with the finest sports fishing fleet in southwest Florida. You must see their site to really appreciate what Google Maps has done with 360 degree pictures of their location. Be sure to drop Sean a note in the Contact Us page to let him know how much you enjoy the website.

  • Castle Bay Property Owners Association
    The Association wanted a sophisticated website that would represent their community well, but would also provide a place for the homeowners to find out what was going on within the Association, with password protection for items and information that would not for public eyes. Joomla provided the perfect solution.

  • Hohenwald-Lewis County Chamber of Commerce
    Lewis County Economic Development Council
    Both sites are Joomla developed sites with some great features. The Chamber of Commerce site was revealed to the directors on January 16, 2007, and two years later they made the move to a template which is iPhone ready in order to keep up with a growing trend to move to more mobile websites.  Keep watching!

  • Memory Junction Antiques
    Memory Junction Antiques of Hohenwald, Tennessee, is a probably the best antique store I've ever been in. The merchandise is presented with care, and all items are displayed beautifully. The owners, John & Jill Ford, have carred over that same standard in their new website, a Joomla site so they can add items to their site whenever they want to. But if you see something you like, you better get it fast! It may not be there the next time you go look.

  • Elective Cesarean
    This site was converted from a Mambo site to a Joomla site when the owner moved from the UK to the US. Be sure to go to the site to see how her surveys are working. You will have to register in order to see the whole site, which was the intent of the site in the first place. Once you have taken the survey, you will be registered, and then will have full access to the site.

  • Retrieving Independence Assistance Dogs of Tennessee
    RI is a local organization dedicated to training service dogs to help the disabled in various ways. The training is done not only with the dogs, but with the new owners as well. They have chosen a new template which highlights their facility and training.  Since this is a non-profit company, I have donated my services to maintain the website.

  • Creative Corrections
    This website is using two domain names, and which allows the owner to retain goodwill and name recognition of the domains he combined into one for business reasons. Creative Corrections is a consulting business for corrections experts, and has an employment component which is maintained for their partnership with the Department of Justice jobs throughout the world.

  • Creative Corrections Education Foundation was an idea of the founders of Creative Corrections, as a way for them to make a difference in a community which has served them well.  CCEF offers scholarships to the children of incarcerated and/or paroled inmates.  Jail or education?  Easy decision to make.  I am proud to be associated with their efforts.

  • The City of Lobelville, TN, has it's own website now! Visit their website, see their merchants, and find out when the next musical gala is going to happen!  Even small towns have a lot of interesting history and serve their community via the internet.

  • Mathis Realty
    Mathis Realty has been in Perry County for several generations. This website was developed by using Open Realty software, which once configured, allows the owner to completely control their listings. You can add multiple pictures of a listing, including descriptions with each picture. Easy to learn and maintain. Easily add Virtual Tours to a listing!

  • Perry County Library, Tennessee
    As a volunteer with the Friends of the Library, I donated my time and efforts to the library by designing and implementing their own website. Please visit the website, and tell the ladies where you found them! This is a Joomla web design, and as such the librarians themselves are able to update their events calendar and change the ticker tape on the homepage.

  • Watkins and Sons Mfg, Inc. is a local company which has partnered with some of the most well-known names in the agriculture business.  Their success story is very interesting, and an inspiration to all small businesses.  Now they want a website that reflects the growth they have enjoyed over the past 35 years.  This site is under development, and you may see items that don't seem to make sense, but bear with us.

Joomla websites are developed on templates. This is one of the ways I am able to save my clients development time and money in their new websites.  The template cost is part of the package, not an add-on cost.  Once we start communicating about the site, we can discuss template choices.  I used to develop html sites, but Joomla is so fresh, so versatile and easy for the layman to master and maintain once it is developed, this is the only type of websites I do any longer.  If you can dream it for a website, Joomla has an answer.

If you have any questions about my web design work, please contact me, and I will respond within 24 hours of receipt of email. In a hurry? Call!

EMAIL me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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